Face-to-face training on weekends and also online

Thanks to the 2-day immersion (dance workshop) or a minimum 21-day online training, but also continuous support for 3 months allows you to learn to dance while sparkling life.

I help people who want to get by in the evening by learning to dance quickly, but who cannot follow traditional classes.

I allow them, in a weekend, to know how to dance as well as someone who has taken more than a quarter of traditional Salsa or Bachata lessons!

And with the 21 days of online training to know how to dance like a person who has followed 8 months of traditional lessons.

Discover a universe of emotions and encounters. Take advantage of a free online trial class in each dance to test my approach.

You do not have time to follow regular lessons and where traditional lessons are not suitable for you (too fast, too technical, too many passes, too many ...)

Whether you are a beginner or not, alone or not, young or old, from all backgrounds, whether you lack pace, confidence or not.

My method adapts to everyone . I know the problem well, I've been there. And over the past 15 years, I have accompanied hundreds of people who wanted to learn to dance quickly.

Thanks to the immersion and a follow-up by Skype and video, you will definitely have Salsa or Bachata in your skin and in celebration.

If you are a single man, instead of perhaps being alone, you will feel able to invite the girls to dance and shine with them.

Even if you are afraid of having passed your age, Afraid of being ridiculous, Afraid of not being up to par, Afraid of the eyes of others ... This innovative program is for you. It offers you step-by-step support: before, during and after the 21 days of training.